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The Pluto Problem

presented by Prof. Sean Tvelia

7:30 PM Thursday, August 20, 2015
Ross School East Hampton, Tennis Facility
20 Goodfriend Rd, East Hampton, NY


Since its discovery in 1930 Pluto has captivated our imagination. From the very beginning astronomers knew that Pluto was somehow different than the other terrestrial planets. Circling far beyond the plane of orbit of all other planets in our solar system, Pluto seemed to originate differently than the rest. However, its distance from Earth made it impossible to resolve its surface in telescopes, leaving astronomers only to infer its geology based on its location and orbital properties. Now, images produced by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is turning our understanding of the planet and planetary geology on its head. In this highly illustrated presentation, Professor Sean Tvelia will describe the basic concepts of planetary geology and how images from the New Horizon mission are causing geologists to rethink some of our basic understandings of planetary geology. Following this talk at 9:00 pm (weather permitting), telescopes will be available for a guided tour of the night sky hosted by Montauk Observatory astronomers.

The Ross School Tennis Center is located at 20 Goodfriend dr in East Hampton, NY. Click below for directions to the Ross School Tennis Center.

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