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Making Space a Home

presented by Matthew Putman

7:30 PM Thursday, June 25, 2015
The Ross School Tennis Center
20 Goodfriend Rd, East Hampton, NY


Progress in space travel is sophisticated, but the next move to actual habitats involves serious challenges. We will address experiments and possible solutions to life outside of our planet.

Join Montauk Observatory members and our special guest for a fascinating discussion about the future of space travel. If weather permits following the presentation join us outside for a guided tour of the night sky using Montauk Observatory telescopes. Montauk Observatory astronomers will be on site to lead an informal discussions related to the viewable constellations as well as any and all objects viewed through the telescopes.

Matthew Putman is a musician, scientist, producer and author currently living in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Marine and two children. He is a Researcher at Columbia University, and the founder and CEO of the company Nanotronics Imaging. His area of scientific focus includes advanced materials, and nanosystems. He teaches courses on new unique ways to use nanoparticles in polymers for the creation of flexible electronics, bio-scaffolds, flexible solar panels and other cutting edge areas of material science. Nanotronics Imaging is a growing business in high resolution Imaging company that is currently providing unique process control and research tools for the semiconductor industry as well as life sciences.

The Ross School Tennis Center is located at 20 Goodfriend dr in East Hampton, NY. Click below for directions to the Ross School Tennis Center.

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