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Asteroids: bringers of life, harbingers of death?

presented by Dr. Paul Hardersen

7:30 PM Monday, August 25, 2014
Ross School Tennis Center
20 Goodfriend Dr


Beginning with an overview of asteroids and how they are studied, Dr. Hardersen will explore the diversity of these space rocks and discuss the implications of finding water ice on asteroids, how asteroids may have contributed to the development of life on Earth, the ever-present threat of close asteroid flybys and impacts (past and future), and how asteroids and meteorites are related. Breathtaking images of past and current NASA missions to asteroids will also inform the audience of the real nature of these large, and small, space rocks.

Dr. Paul S. Hardersen is an Associate professor at the University of North Dakota Department of Space Studies, Grand Forks, ND teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses in topics such as observational and advanced observational astronomy, an introduction to solar physics, Observational Astronomy, Observational Spectroscopy, Space Environment and the Sun, The Case for Space and a seminar course that reviews astrobiological research from an astronomical perspective. Dr Hardersen's research interest include: asteroid mineralogical studies to better understand the early solar system heating events, asteroid light curve and rotational studies, solar chromospheric studies, and measuring intrinsic sunspot rotations and their associations with solar flares.

Following this talk, and weather permitting, Montauk Observatory telescopes will be available for a guided tour of the night sky.

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