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Voyagers' Journey: A Grand Tour of the Solar System

presented by William Francis Taylor, NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador

7:00 PM Thursday, August 22, 2019
John Jermain Memorial Library
201 Main Street, Sag Harbor, NY 11963


This summer marks the 30th anniversary of Voyager 2’s rendezvous with Neptune, the outermost of the distant gas giant planets. Over the decades, the two Voyager probes have continued their mission to explore the space between the stars and to serve as humanity’s emissaries to the universe. What made these historic expeditions to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune possible and what have we learned from them? Tonight we'll hear the story of the Voyager probes, their accomplishments, and their makers. Weather permitting, the talk will be followed by a telescopic tour of the planets.

Montauk Observatory Senior Educator, William Francis Taylor, has been a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador, since 2014, lecturing about the universe around us and sharing his love of the heavens by giving guided tours of the sky through telescopes. He is a local tutor and a life-long East End resident.

The lecture will be followed by stargazing through a telescope, weather permitting.

This event is FREE.

To Register, call the library: (631) 725-0049


Montauk Observatory would like to thank the John Jermain Memorial Library for collaborating and hosting this event, and to William Francis Taylor for sharing his expertise.

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