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Welcome to Hamptons Observatory (formerly Montauk Observatory)
Observatory members assembling Montauks 20" Meade

Over 400 years ago Galileo said, "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. We believe, like Galileo, that all of us require the tools to learn, to research and to indeed be discoverers. This is the reason the Montauk Observatory Inc. came into being.

The East End is a unique setting for observing the skies and for building an observatory and learning/research center -- surrounded by the sea, endowed with vast open space preserves, and protected skies. Opening up the skies of the East End of Long Island with the Observatory's telescope allows everybody to pursue discovery of the skies -- making space exploration democratic, open for all who participate in Hamptons Observatory programs and visit the planned Observatory building once it is built.

Currently, programs are scheduled throughout the year and are designed for professionals and general science enthusiasts. Our programs allow everyone the opportunity to explore the world in ways not many have seen and introduce the public to the world of discovery. Soon these programs will be extended to reach into public schools throughout the region.

Please click on the link for Events and plan to join us at an upcoming Hamptons Observatory lecture and stargazing gathering. Hamptons Observatory exists thanks to your donations, which are fully tax-deductible, and please consider making a donation now by clicking on the Make A Donation.

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